8 things you can do while the Shirtmeister ironing mannequin is working

Have you heard about the Shirtmeister ironing mannequin? It’s a handy and efficient device that irons your clothes neatly without you having to be there. In the time that this smart ironing mannequin does all the work, you can spend those minutes on other, more interesting activities.
Here are eight great ideas to make the most of this time (10 or 14 minutes):

  1. Read a book
    A great way to pass the time while the Shirtmeister ironing mannequin is working hard for you, is to lose yourself in a good book. Grab that book you’ve been meaning to read for months and enjoy a nice and relaxing reading session.

  1. Listen to a podcast or audiobook
    Maybe instead of reading, another great way to entertain yourself while you wait is listening to an interesting podcast or an exciting audiobook.

  1. Get that workout done
    Get up and stretch your legs! Do a short workout or some stretching exercises while the ironing mannequin does its job. Not only is it good for your health, you also feel revitalised when you get some exercise.

  1. Write in a journal or plan your day
    Take time out for yourself and write in a journal or planner. Reflect on your day, set goals or schedule the rest of your day. This can help you stay on top of things and focused.

  1. Do relaxation exercises
    Use the time to relax. Try breathing exercises, meditation or mindfulness. It help you de-stress and get going again with a fresh mind.

  1. Call a friend or family
    Use this time for a quick chat with a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s a great way to catch up and keep your social life healthy.

  1. Work on your hobby
    Whether it’s drawing, knitting, photography or gardening, use this time to work on a hobby you don’t normally have time for. Let your creativity run wild!

  1. Create a regular morning routine
    Get up – Shirtmeister on – shower – get dressed – have breakfast – brush your teeth. Pretty neat, right? No more stress because you’re running late for work or school, and you’ll always look stylish without a crease in your shirt.

So, while the Shirtmeister ironing mannequin is getting the creases out of your clothes, there are plenty of ways to spend that time in a productive,
relaxing or entertaining way. Enjoy the freedom this handy machine gives you and utilise your time effectively!

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