What is the Shirtmeister?

The Shirtmeister® is an ironing robot that irons and dries your shirt within 10 or 14 minutes. This depends on the thickness of your shirt’s fabric.
The biggest advantage of the Shirtmeister® is that it will take just 20 seconds for you to install the Shirtmeister® and then turn the Shirtmeister® on. While the Shirtmeister® is doing its thing, you can do something entirely different, like eating your breakfast or watching 10 or 15 minutes of your favourite series. After the work is done, the Shirtmeister® turn off automatically and the warm air disappears from the bag. All you’re left with is a completely dried and nicely ironed shirt you can put on right away. 

The Shirtmeister® is your new best friend!

The Meister video

Extra tips

Two buttons

The Shirtmeister has two buttons. One for 10 minutes and one for 14 minutes. Both settings stop automatically after 10 or 14 minutes, so feel free to do something completely different while the ironing robot does the work. 

Extra convenience

You only need to close one button of your shirt. The handy accessories mean it’s only necessary to fasten the top button. This make the Shirtmeister even easier to use, and is less hassle when placing or removing your shirt.

Make sure your shirt is damp

For a smooth result, make sure your shirt is slightly damp. The way to remove creases is always done by first moistening the spot a little and then ironing it dry. Therefore, it is ideal to hang your shirt over the Shirtmeister directly after it comes out of the washing machine. But of course, you can also moisten a dry shirt with some water. PS. A simple plant spray bottle is ideal.

What else can Shirtmeister do?

Your shirt isn’t the only clothing the Shirtmeister can handle. The Shirtmeister can also iron and dry T-shirts and Polo shirts. And even better, the Shirtmeister even dries your jacket or jumper if it’s wet from the rain. Ideal!

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