Drying a down coat: 6 tips for drying your jacket 

Are you completely soaked again because it started pouring on your way to work, school or home? This can get really annoying and no one wants to start the day wearing soggy, wet clothes. It’s even worse when you have to walk around all day in damp clothes. Want to know how to dry your clothes quickly and efficiently? Keep reading for some handy tips and tricks 

Tip 1: Give the Shirtmeister a try

It’s probably happened to you more than once. You’re riding or walking home in the rain and are getting wetter by the minute. That jacket you were planning to wear to training tonight is soaking and it’ll take at least 75 minutes to dry it in the tumble dryer. But did you know you can also dry a jacket on the Shirtmeister? Just hang your coat on it, zip it up halfway for good ventilation and to let the warm air escape properly, and use the 14-minute cycle. In 95% of cases, your jacket will be dry after 14 minutes and you can put it on again to your training. 

Tip 2: Use the dryer

Select a low drying temperature. It’s essential to set the dryer to a low temperature when drying your down coat. This will avoid the down filling from becoming damaged. If the temperature is too high a temperature, the down can clump together and reduce insulation. Place a few dryer balls in the dryer to keep the down nice and fluffy, and prevent clustering. 

Tip 3: Use a clean dryer

Before putting your down coat in the dryer, make sure the dryer is clean. Remove any fluff and other dirt that could attach itself to the jacket. A clean dryer minimises the chance of unwanted dust accumulating on your jacket.

Tip 4: Dry your coat naturally

If possible, consider letting your down coat dry naturally. Lay the coat flat on a clean, dry surface and don’t place it in direct sunlight. Turn it over regularly to prevent the filling from accumulating on one side. Although this process takes the longest, it is still the best way to preserve the quality of the down.

Tip 5: Use a towel

Put your wet coat in the dryer together with a dry towel. Every time the towel comes into contact with the jacket, it absorbs extra moisture.

Tip 6: Grab a clothes hanger and use it

Never hang coats over a heater, but always hang it on a coat hanger. This will allow your jacket to dry in its natural shape and leaves no pesky wrinkles or folds. Some fabrics actually crease very easily if you hang a wet coat the wrong way. And to go back to the first tip: The Shirtmeister already has the shape of a clothes hanger, 1+1=2 so… 

Drying a coat requires attention to detail and the right approach. With these tips from Shirtmeister, you can save your down jacket from damage and enjoy the warmth and comfort it gives you for longer. Take proper care of your coat and it will thank you on many winter adventures!

How to dry a down jacket
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