How does the shirtmeister work?

Our Shirtmeister® has two settings. To dry and iron buttoned shirts or T-shirts, choose the 10-minute setting (-) . For thicker jumpers, shirts and jackets, we recommend the 14-minute setting (=) . We recommend moistening dry clothes before placing them on the Shirtmeister®. This will iron out the creases and give you the best results. Take your shirt straight out of the washing machine, hang it on the Shirtmeister®, switch the device on and use the spare time to enjoy a good breakfast or take a shower. When you come back in 10 minutes, your shirt is dry and neatly ironed. On this page we’ll tell you a bit more about how the Shirtmeister® works in our step-by-step guide, give you 8 ultimate tips + photos for optimal use of Shirtmeister® and, in a video, show you how the device works one more time. Want to Shirtmeister® with us?

Do you have any questions or comments about the Shirtmeister? Maybe tips to help us improve? Or are you still not sure if you’re using the Shirtmeister properly? Then don’t hesitate to email our customer happiness team at 

You can also attach photos or even a video while use if you like. That way we might be able to answer your query faster.

9 extra tips to get the best results with the shirtmeister

Beweeg over de tegeltjes om de afbeeldingen te bekijken

Tip 1:

Make sure your shirt collar is always folded up when Shirtmeister is on. This way, it is also gets ironed.

Tip 2:

You can also dry a wet jacket on the Shirtmeister. For the best result, zip it halfway open.

Tip 3:

After the Shirtmeister has been on for a few seconds, it is good to pull the body balloon down a bit from the bottom. This distributes the warm air better through the bag.

Tip 4:

Make sure the collar of the body balloon is fastened in the edge. This is important so the warm air enters the balloon properly.

Tip 5:

To promote airflow, stroke up along the body balloon. Start at the torso and up along the armpits to the sleeves. This will ensure that the warm air also reaches the shoulders and neck.

Tip 6:

It's important that the cable hangs outside the garment and not between the garment and the body bag. Otherwise you might still see annoying creases.

Tip 7:

The Shirtmeister works at its best when the garment is damp. So if the clothing hasn't just come out of the washing machine, you can spray it lightly with water

Tip 8:

The Velcro attached to the hook ensures that the Shirtmeister can be hung in all directions.

Tip 9:

On the Shirtmeister, you can also dry T-shirts, jumpers and polos by hanging them on the same way as on a regular clothes hanger.

Tip 10:

Closing every second buttons gives an even better result. This does take a bit more effort.

Any questions?

Watch a short instruction video here, where we explain one more time how to use the Shirtmeister. For other questions or comments, you can always contact us by phone +31 (0) 492 50 98 26

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Top device, does exactly what it's supposed to do. Price matches product, delivery is fast, the included return forms are clear, if you want to. But I don't want to lose it!!!
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We have the shirtmeister at home now. The shirt we tested it on is a dress shirt that comes out of the wash very wrinkled. After using the shirtmeister, not all the wrinkle were out but it did make a huge difference. We got in touch to find out what we might have been doing wrong. They helped really well over the phone. And we'll definitely use the tips they gave us. Our first impression is great.
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Really quick service and the perfect solution for a young professional like me! I can use the Shirtmeister every day while I'm busy doing other things in the meantime!
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