Saving time in the Morning: 14 Smart Tips for a Practical Start

Dawn arrives with the promise of a new day, but for many it also promises rushing around, stressing and running short on time.
The good news is that there are ways to transform these hectic morning routines into a calm and organised start of your day.
In this blog, we’ll share 15 smart tips to save precious time and take the stress out of your mornings.

1. Preparation is the key: Prepare as much as possible the night before. Pick out what you’ll be wearing, pack your bag and prepare a to-do list for the next day.

2. Make a morning routine: A set morning routine helps you get into a flow, allowing you to complete tasks more efficiently.

3. Easy morning time-saving tricks.Wake up earlier: Get up 15 to 30 minutes earlier to create a little extra time for yourself.

4. Use a smart alarm clock: These days, you can get alarm clocks that simulate the sunrise and help you wake up more naturally.

5. Put your phone away: Avoid the temptation to scroll on your phone when you wake up. If you do, you’re losing valuable time.

6. Be a smart multitasker: Combine morning rituals such as brushing your teeth while showering, or making coffee while doing your make-up and turning on the Shirtmeister.

7. Optimise the time in the bathroom: Keep your bathroom routine simple and streamlined. Use dual function products if possible.

8. Select your clothes carefully: If you can’t decide what to wear, it can take a lot of time. Choose your outfit the night before.

9. Hang your shirt straight on the Shirtmeister: As soon as you get home after work, hang your shirt on the Shirtmeister. This will save you time in the morning. All you have to after waking up is press the button and put a dry and ironed shirt on in 10 minutes.

10. Digital calendar: Use a digital calendar or an app to plan your day and set reminders.

11. Eat an efficient breakfast: Eat a nutritious breakfast, but limit the time commitment by eating quickly or eating your breakfast on the way to work. It’s another simple way to save time in the morning

12. Leave the dishes for later: Save your breakfast dishes for later in the day or for the evening to save time.

13. Use smart technology: Invest in a coffee maker with a timer, so your coffee is nice and hot when you walk in the kitchen, or buy the Shirtmeister that irons your shirt for you in the morning.

14. Keep your keys and important items in one place: This will avoid having to look for misplaced items when you need to rush out the door.

By adding these tips to your morning routine, you can gain precious minutes and start your day with less stress.
Saving time in the morning doesn’t need to to be hard, and with a bit of planning and organising, you can get every day off to a good start.

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