goodbye to wrinkled shirts,
hello to your new best friend!

The strength of Shirtmeister®


To ensure reliability, we subjected the Shirtmeister® to rigorous testing during its development. For everyone with high ironing standards and a high pile of unironed shirts.

Ease of use

Ironing is an art that not everyone masters. Every garment and fabric needs a different approach, and one wrong move can actually iron the creases back in. But that’s all in the past thanks to the Shirtmeister®. It’s so easy, everyone can use it. 

Save time

We understand that there are other things you’d rather do than iron your shirt. The Shirtmeister® features a technology that not only irons your shirt, but dries it at the same time. This leaves more time for the important things in life.

Smart Design

Our Shirtmeister® is designed in the Netherlands. We stand for durable, practical products that excel in user-friendliness and good looks.


Say goodbye to wrinkled shirts

Say goodbye to wrinkled shirts, hello to your new best friend! Always look your sharpest with the Shirtmeister® by your side.

Did you know?

The Shirtmeister stops automatically after 10 or 14 minutes

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Did you know?

You can also use the Shirtmeister to dry your coat or vest after a rainy day

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Did you know?

The Shirtmeister works best when the shirt or blouse is damp. For the best results, always spray some water on the garment before turning on the Shirtmeister.

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