• Shirtmeister®

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    ➕ A dry and wrinkle-free shirt within 10 minutes
    ➕ Stops automatically when done
    ➕ 190 cm cable length
    ➕ 10-minute mode & 14-minute mode
    ➕ Suitable for shirt and blouse sizes 37 to 44 (S to XL)
    ➕ Also suitable for T-shirts, polo shirts, jumpers and vests
    ➕ The Shirtmeister can even be used for drying your jacket*
     Comes in a compact travel bag measuring 22 x 31 x 12 cm and it weighs only 1.5 kg in total
    ➕ The Shirtmeister works best on a shirt or blouse that is still damp and has just come out of the washing machine. 

    There are many other things you would rather do than iron your shirt. That’s why we designed the Shirtmeister® for you. This innovative device irons and dries your shirt or blouse in just 10 minutes! The Shirtmeister® is very easy to use and requires almost no effort from you.

    Our Shirtmeister® has two settings. 10 minutes for everyday shirts or t-shirts, and a 14-minute setting for thicker jumpers, shirts and jackets. The Shirtmeister® gives you the best results when your clothes are damp, as wrinkles and creases will disappear the easiest. So take your shirt out of the washing machine. Hang it on the Shirtmeister®, turn it on and enjoy your breakfast or shower in peace. When you come back 10 minutes later, your shirt is dry and ironed.

    Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Shirtmeister® and say goodbye to creases and wet shirts. What are you waiting for? Let the Shirtmeister® do the work for you. Will you “Shirtmeister” with us?

    *Make sure when drying waterproof or thickcoats (e.g. winter coats) to always have the zip half open. This ensures that that warm humid air can escape from fabrics that don’t breathe.

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